Ellispontos produces a wide range of cosmetics and toiletries for all family members. Our complete range conform to our standards which are purity of ingredients, free of chemicals and artificial additives and of course, best quality. We insist on traditional production process, engaging pure and homemade ingredients with natural products maturation on every stage. Moreover, our products have a low environmental footprint in terms of ingredients, shipping and packaging.
€4.00 EUR
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Bath fizzies with almond oil and essential oil lavender or fragrances rose
€8.10 EUR
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20pcs package of Mini Flower-shaped bath bombs

€8.10 EUR
In Stock

20pcs package of Mini Heart-shaped bath bombs! 
With almond oil and lavender essential oil!

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Combining great experience in aesthetics and pure ingredients of the Greek land, Ellispontos offers a wide variety of healthy and natural products for your personal care.

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